VIP Capital


The company designs products and develops research in the field of Natural Language Processing (machine processing of natural language text), search engines, analysis and automatic annotation of text data and others. We use own methods for the the development process and combine them with already known ones in order to achieve maximum precision.

The company's products can be used for structuring large amounts of text data for subsequent machine processing.

A tool for natural language text formalization.

It is not a novelty machines to understand commands and instructions but may a computer comprehend a natural language text?

A semantic search engine.

May we convey a meaning of texts without being annotated? In our opinion – it is not that easy but we do believe that once it has been made for a word, a phrase or a text, regardless of which of the natural languages, it is enough.

A tool for data contextual association with objects on the Internet.

Do we know ourselves enough in order to pass that knowledge to machines so that they could understand us better?

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